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Rosy Parlane is a musician from New Zealand who began playing music with the avant-garde rock trio Thela. Thela released two cds, 'Eponymous' and 'Argentina' on the label Ecstatic Peace! He subsequently began working with abstract electronic based music, both as a solo artist and as Parmentier with fellow Thela collaborator, Dion Workman. His full and intricate soundscapes are comprised of of sample-loops, pianos, guitars, and field recordings manipulated via digital means. Parlane has released two solo albums on Sigma Editions, and a collaboration with Christian Fennesz on the Australian label, Synaesthesia ['Live', SYN001]

He has two solo albums out on Touch: Iris [Touch # TO:58, 2003] and Jessamine [Touch # TO:68, 2006]. More info can be found in the discog section of this site.

He currently lives in Auckland with his family.


1. Playing Marcel Bear's shimshaws, Auckland 2005
2. Sydney 1997 [1st solo performance]
3. Sydney November 2004

4. Dunedin October 2004
5. London October 2006
6. Sydney May 2003
7. York October 2006
8. Auckland January 2005
9. Australia January 2005

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